• Q'awary 24 Alt amazone bamboe panfluit
  • Q'awary Panfluit Alt
  • Q'awary Panfluit Alt
  • Q'awary Panfluit Alt 5
  • Q'awary Panfluit Alt

Q’Awary 24 Panflute Alto


  • Brand: Q’Awary
  • Width: 24 pipes
  • Range: G’ tot B””
  • Tuning: G major
  • Material: Amazon bamboo
  • Sealed: decorative shoe and resin (comparable to bees’ wax)

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Beautifully finished  Q’Awary 24 Alto panflute made of Amazon bamboo. The shoe has been crafted from different types of wood, resulting in a lovely mix of colour. The lowest pipe has been embellished with a wooden ‘flame’. The instrument is comfortable to hold because of its smooth finish. Amazon bamboo is thicker than European bamboo, making the instrument slightly heavier. The thickness of the bamboo also give a somewhat breathy sound, but as with other types of bamboo the colouring remains flexible.

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