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Panflute Case Alto


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This instrument case for panflutes protects your instrument from accidents that might happen as you are traveling. Although secure handling is always advisable, there will be no need to panic when someone bumps into your panflute – the case will protect it. It is safe in the boot of your car, or when someone accidentally knocks the case over.

The case is black and lined with velvet. It closes with a strong zipper and has both a shoulder band and a handle.

The cases are suited for the Concert and Soloist Alto Gibonus flutes. When you have a different brand panflute, please check the fit using the following measurements:

  1. 34 cm
  2. 27 cm
  3. 9 cm
  4. 7 cm

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27 x 35 x 7,5 cm


31 x 40 x 10 cm