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Gibonus Student Panflute FP-27


  • Brand: Gibonus
  • Number of pipes: 27
  • Range: b to G””
  • Tuning: C major
  • Material: maple wood
  • Seal: plastic corks, easy to tune
  • Sound example:

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New in stock: a basic tenor panflute tuned in C in our student-panflute range.

With its 27 pipes it has the widest range of all panflutes in our webshop, from b to G4. This means it’s one pipe lower than the other tenor panflutes in C, as well as 4 pipes higher. The 3,5 octaves and C tuning make it very suitable for classical music, although all genres can be played on it. Please not it is too large for very virtuosic (fast) playing.

The flute is made of maple wood, which has a warm sound. The pipes are given extra strength by the dark wood band that runs across them. The simple but effective finish ensures you have a lot of panflute for a very reasonable price.

The Student Panflute FP-27 is easy to play and can handle a slight bump here and there. However, it is important to always be careful with your instrument. Store it outside its bag in a safe spot, away from small hands or wagging tails. Once a pipe leaks, it is difficult to repair.

The pipes are sealed with plastic corks, which do not leak even after (re)tuning. The tuning process itself is very user-friendly and can be done by moving the corks up or down with the help of a wooden rod. Any rod with a flat top will do, or go to the maintenance section to order your own tuning rod.

This panflute fits the padded bass bag.