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Gibonus Student Panflute FP-22


  • Brand: Gibonus
  • Number of pipes: 22
  • Range: E’ to E””
  • Tuning: e minor (G major)
  • Material: maple wood
  • Seal: plastic corks,  easy to tune
  • Sound example:

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A very nice basic panflute with a range of 3 octaves. The flute is made of maple wood, which has a warm sound. The pipes are given extra strength by the dark wood band that runs across.

The Student Panflute FP-22 is easy to play and can handle a slight bump here and there. Because of its range of 3 octaves it can be used with most panflute books and methods. The panflute is tuned in e minor (G major). The pipes are sealed with plastic corks, which do not leak even after tuning. The tuning process itself is very user-friendly and can be done by moving the corks up or down with the help of a wooden rod.

This instrument is very suitable for (young) adult beginners, as the wide range helps take on an open posture. Not sure if you prefer the clear, high tones or the alto/soprano panflutes or the lower, darker sound of tenor and bass panflutes? Then this in-between range of the FP-22 student panflute can help you decide which panflute would be best to invest in next.