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Gibonus Student panflute FP-15


  • Brand: Gibonus
  • Number of pipes: 15
  • Range: G’ tot G”’
  • Tuning: G
  • Material: maple wood
  • Seal: plastic corks, easy to tune.
  • Sound example:

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The Student Panflute FP-15 has a range of 2 octaves. The flute is made of maple wood, which has a warm sound. The pipes are given extra strength by the dark wood band that runs across them.

The Student Panflute FP-15 is easy to play and can handle a slight bump here and there. Its range offers plenty of scope for playing melodies of all kinds. The panflute is tuned in G major. The pipes are sealed with plastic corks, which do not leak even after tuning. The tuning process itself is very user-friendly and can be done by moving the corks up or down with the help of a wooden rod. Ideal for beginning players, this instrument is also available in the starter’s kit in combination with a study book.

Since its lowest pipe is the same pitch as those of the 22-pipe alto panflutes, the FP-15 is also suitable for playing from the most commonly used panflute method books.