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Gibonus Soloist Panflute Bass cherry


  • Brand: Gibonus
  • Number of pipes: 22
  • Range: G to G”’
  • Tuning: G major
  • Material: cherry
  • Seal: plastic corks

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The Soloist Panflute Bass cherry is a 22-pipe panflute (G to G”’) and is tuned in G major.

The cherry wood gives a very warm sound. Although a bass panflute is not advisable for beginners, a Gibonus bass is easy to play on in its kind. Even flats can be played in tune with a little practise.  The tops of the pipes have a smooth finish, which makes it comfortable to play on. The shoe gives it extra strength and stability. Tuning is still done by moving the plastic corks up or down; there are little holes in the bottom of the shoe for the tuning rod. Cherry wood is dark in colour, warm in sound and light-weight. An ideal combination for a larger panflute!

When the lower registers speak to you, this is an excellent instrument to add to your collection.  The bass panflute is a real asset for any (panflute) duo or ensemble, because its range is an octave below the regular alto flute. Both active amateur players and teachers will be able to bring more depth to their repertoire by utilizing the extra register.