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Gibonus Concert Panflute Bass


  • Brand: Gibonus
  • Number of pipes: 22
  • Range: G to G'''
  • Tuning: G major
  • Material: maple wood
  • Seal: plastic corks, easy to tune

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Maple wood panflute with a lovely finish. The decorative band has a wood inlay and runs across the middle of the pipes.

This Concert Panflute Bass is relatively easy to play on and has a warm sound. It has a range of three octaves, G tot G”’, and is tuned in G major. The bass is one octave below the alto flute, but still equals its sound quality. It is very well suited for slow, low pieces or improvisation, but also for ensemble lessons or as an extra instrument to complete your options.  Both active amateur players and teachers will be able to bring more depth to their repertoire by utilizing the extra register.