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Classic Folk – Tunes for Panflute Solo in G


Music book aimed at beginning players of alto/soprano panflutes.
With digital backing tracks. 28 songs from folk music and classical music.

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Classic Folk is full of well-known folk melodies and themes from classical music, arranged by Jos Aerts, who created both the sheet music and the accompaniments for use in his music practice. The music is very well suited for beginning players who want to improve their skills on the panflute. The digital accompaniments will be an extra motivation to get the intervals, rhythm and speed just right. Most of the songs have been printed in two or three tonalities. This way it is possible to choose the songs at the right level of difficulty for each individual player, based on the tuning of their panflute and command of the flattening technique.


1. Hansje klein (G)
2. Hansje klein (C)
3. Folk song (G)
4. Folk song (C)
5. Oh when the Saints (G)
6. Oh when the Saints (C)
7. We walk and sing (G)
8. We walk and sing (C)
9. Listen to the mocking bird (G)
10. Listen to the mocking bird (C)
11. Tina singu (G)
12. Tina singu (D)
13. Tina singu (F)
14. Shepherd’s hey (G)
15. Shepherd’s hey (C)
16. Appel en peer (G)
17. Appel en peer (D)
18. Fanfare (G)
19. Fanfare (C)
20. Burlesque (G)
21. Ye banks and braes (G)
22. Ye banks and braes (C)
23. Ye banks and braes (F)
24. Barcarolle (C)
25. Barcarolle (F)
26. Shepherd-boy with 300 sheep (C)
27. Shepherd-boy with 300 sheep (F)
28. She’ll be coming round the mountain (C)

Jos Aerts is a versatile musician, playing the flute, recorder and panflute. After his retirement he started working as a visual artist. The cover of this edition is an example of his work. As a music teacher, Jos has always composed and arranged music for his students, because there was (and still is) quite a gap between what panflute students would like to play and what is available in music stores. This book is the first in a series of his panflute music. He has revised the original arrangements and accompaniments, to ensure even more players will enjoy playing them!

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