Nadja Spooren Panfluit PraktijkAbout me

My name is Nadja Spooren. After graduating from the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, I started teaching, playing concerts and storytelling under the flag of my own practice: de Panfluit Praktijk. In January 2015 this webshop was added to my activities.

It is often difficult to know where to turn for a proper instrument, and I aim to fill that void. This is twofold: I sell instruments that I believe in and can genuinely recommend, and I offer advice to those who have questions about what would suit them.

Gibonus panflutes by Marek Tesluk are instruments I use a lot for my own students. They don’t break the bank but do offer good quality. It is often a very good instrument to start with, or to have as an extra in a different range or tuning. Wood sounds different from bamboo; it is as warm, but a little less flexible in colouring. I find they are perfect for ensemble playing and for developing technique and know-how.

A good instrument is very important when making and experiencing music. Panflutes, however, are not available in every music store and specialised advice is hard to get even if they do offer the instruments. This was a problem I encountered as a student and later on as a teacher. Now I can offer a visiting address in Grave, the Netherlands, close to the city Nijmegen, for those who want to try the instruments and could use some honest advice.

Advice can also be given via the contact form. I have not gathered a lot of knowledge about this instrument just to keep it to myself – feel free to ask! I will tell you what I know, and if I can’t give you an answer, I will refer you to colleagues who might.

About Gibonus

Gibonus panflutes are built in Poland by Marek Tesluk. He uses simple but good materials for the panflutes sold here: maple and cherry wood and plastic corks to close off the tubes. The wood has a warm sound. It is less flexible in colour than bamboo, but still gives many years’ musical enjoyment when you decide to learn to play the panflute. Gibonus panflutes sound well across the entire instrument, high and low. They are ideal for ensembles, because the tenor and bass flutes are very affordable. This may just realise that dream of a second instrument for ensemble playing!

This videoclip from a visit to Marek’s workshop in 2015 gives a nice insight into how the panflutes are built: