Welcome to the panflute webshop!

We have different types of panflutes by Gibonus. Gibonus panflutes are made of maple and cherry wood, which gives them a warm sound. Because these instruments are easy to tune, easy to play and budget-friendly, they are very suitable for beginning players or experienced players looking for an extra instrument in a different range or tuning.

We currently offer the 24-pipe Q’Awary alto panflute, and builder Hector Muñoz also custom-builds other ranges and tunings. Q’Awary instruments are made of Amazon bamboo from Peru. Mor{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:0,”srcClientId”:”2364ab3b-a205-4ce6-aab9-8e768933f678″,”srcRootClientId”:”0945171c-1871-4368-a77d-4777a1d053a7″}e information on the instruments and builders can be found on the about page.

Please note that this webshop is part of panflute teaching practice. Orders take three to ten days to be shipped off. Q’Awary panflutes are generally custom orders and therefore have different delivery times per order.