Welcome to the panflute webshop!

We have different types of panflutes by Gibonus. Gibonus panflutes are made of maple and cherry wood, which gives them a warm sound. Because these instruments are easy to tune, easy to play and budget-friendly for its quality, they are very suitable for beginning players or experienced players looking for an extra instrument in a different range or tuning.

More information on the instruments and builder can be found on the about page.

This webshop is part of a one-woman-music practice. Nadja teaches the panflute as well as offering special baby- and toddler music lessons; she sources instruments and its accessories and performs in several ensembles. So if a reply takes a few days to reach you, don’t worry, she’s just busy!

Due to inflation and increasing costs for materials, prices of the panflutes in this webshop have been adjusted accordingly.